June 1, 2010

Fresh in!

We showed you a sneak peek of the sweet Born-Free air cleaner Chopper Dave made, now we have it polished AND the BORN-FREE foot pegs! There will be one of each on the Born-Free Panhead and Chopper Dave made an ULTRA LIMITED run of 5 of these air cleaners that will be available the day of the show in the Born-Free booth. They will all have backing plates for Linkert carbs, but if you want to buy one and need it for another style of carb let us know here and we'll make arangements.

Not only this, but many of you have Chopper Dave's famous Super Freak Panhead on your Top FAVORITE CHOPPER list, he is prepping it right now from sitting for the last few years and will be riding it to Born-Free so you can see it in person! You out of towners better load up on some film!

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