August 31, 2010

Born-Free 2 in the media

For those that might have missed some of this, we are compiling all the reviews and pertinat info from Born-Free 2. If you have something to share email us.

This video is a good one to watch in full screen mode with the volume up! For those that weren't there you can easily get good vibrations from the show.

Born Free Show from BornFreeShow on Vimeo.

Right now we should really take a second to thank Bill and Magoo from Chop Cult/Biltwell. These guys have really been huge supporters of Born-Free since the begining now and what a great asset they are to us for putting together nice features like the ones following!

BORN-FREE 2 show review and pictorial on the CHOP CULT site, CLICK HERE

A look at behind the scenes of BORN-FREE 2 from the Chop Cult site, CLICK HERE

A feature on the BORN-FREE Panhead that one lucky person went home with, CLICK HERE

Reviews of the show are starting to show up in print now like the smashing one in the current issue of The Horse Backstreet Choppers magazine! It has to be one of the best looking event coverages in recent times and that's not just because we are biased. The layout looks awesome, pick one up today at your local news stand.

Greasy Kulture Magazine from the UK as well as Back Street Hero's mag (UK) both reportedly have or will have show coverage, along with Street Chopper and Traditional Rod & Kulture here in the US. We'll update you as we get more.

Also, just found this flicker page with tons'o'photos in it from the show, CLICK HERE


  1. Man, that looks like a really cool event!

  2. Write up of BF2 will be in the next issue of Back Street Heroes. Didn't get to make it this year, but will definitely over for BF3!