December 18, 2010

(( Posters on Sale Now ))

The Born Free 3 Knucklehead posters w/free chance ticket are now on sale online.You are buying an original Adam Nickel design on a hand screened 12 x 18 poster...yes a real poster & with your purchase you will receive one free ticket that enters you in the drawing to win the Garage Company built 1946 Knucklehead chopper.The posters are only available through this promotion.We are doing the same as last year::: YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN ::: We are also doing a limited number again and when there are gone.... they are gone (( we ran out last year and a lot of you missed out )) so don't delay. The posters are done on quality black poster paper and your free ticket also is of very high quality and will be a nice memento.All of the proceeds go into the bike build and keeping Born Free a free event!!! Josh from Utility is handling the poster sales this year through his Utility website.Doing it this way will insure delivery,give you different payment options and a keep a tight record of all those who purchase.All posters are inventoried and tickets are numbered to keep this promotion worry free.Click on the poster icon on the side of the blog and you are on your way >>> Good Luck to all!!

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