January 10, 2012

Atten :: Free-Thinker's ...We Need Your Input

Our T shirt art promo is coming to an end for now although please keep sending the art into us we have some big plans down the road.We know you can be creative with your Motorcycles and with Art...and now we are asking you FREE THINKER'S out there to tell us in (( Words )) what Born Free means to you.Is it the show,the ride, bikes,the people,does it stir up old memories,is it a spiritual journey, does it give you hope ? What ever it might mean to you..from your heart or your head please tell us...We want to know what you feel. You can post your thoughts here on the blog or if you want to email us you can do that too. We are working on the creative side of Born Free and here's your chance to contribute to something very special. Email is mike@bornfreeshow.com or grant@bornfreeshow.com

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