January 30, 2012


Grant and myself have been working the Born Free booth the last 4 days at the Roadster Show and I think people are ready for a change.This show has a lot to offer...lot's of very cool cars, a neat old museum and a ton of people.They do have motorcycles but not enough and not enough old bikes.The only way to make it better is if people make the commitment to get their bikes in the show.There seem to be a lot of disappointed people complaining about the motorcycles....put your bike in and problem solved.We paid 5 times the amount of a vendor spot at Born Free for our space but it was worth it. We talked to so many people who have old bikes ( young & old) but did not know about the show or there are still so many people interested in riding their old bikes...and actually riding them to a show (( Born Free )). They were blown away at the numbers were are getting and the fact the show is free! The old bikers told us about the runs and shows back in their time that reminded them of what we are doing....makes you feel pretty good. The 69 Shovel chopper was there and it looked unreal...Kiyo has worked non stop to get it ready and it should be completely done in a few weeks.We have some special announcements coming soon...and it's very cool.

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