March 21, 2012

Builder Spot Light: Brandon Casquillo

Those of you that do and don't know Brandon Casquillo of Mullins Chain Drive fame, he has been quite a burst of passion and energy for the close to 10 years i have known him. He might have been plagued with too much artistic vision early on and hard a hard time getting roots down and focusing, but you know how artists are!
Well, in recent years he's settled down in Northern California with a bandsaw, tubing bender, and his trusty TIG welder. His shop Mullins Chain Drive has been churning out those crazy narrow wide glide trees for some time now, kicker pedals, now narrow star hubs, insane gas tanks, and single down tube custom frames.
Brandon is a busy beaver and I was happy that he accepted the invitation to build a bike and bring it to Born-Free 4. CLICK HERE for the MULLINS CHAIN DRIVE blog

1 comment:

  1. His skill set is so ordinary . . . Ha ha !!!! Tiny dancin freak genius.