May 30, 2012

Show Info

We have only 30 days until showtime and I have been meeting with all the local authorities about the show & their concerns and here are the things you must know:: There is absolutely no street parking anywhere! You can not park on the street so please don't do it you will be towed. We have paid a kings ranson for an additional parking lot for cars so we will not have the issues we had last year.The next concern is speed... Don't speed !! They will be waiting for you. The private road is small and narrow and waiting for an accident to happen so please be careful and control your speed.We will have plenty of signs showing you where to park. The first entrance( main) is the entrance to use if you want to put your bike in the show..whatever the year...otherwise if you are on a new bike following the signs and attendants to the back still we be on show grounds and parked on the luscious grass. Lastly we need to take care of the please no burnouts ect, they have a wedding the next day and I promised the site owner we would be respectful. This is a two man show so the more you know the more you can help us. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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