June 19, 2012

The Next Events

This Saturday is the Street Chopper release party/ Wes White Benefit @ The Garage Company in Inglewood( 956 w. Hyde Park Blvd.) from 2 pm to 8 pm ? We will have the Born-Free bikes and posters/w free tickets for sale. Now that the ( online deadline ) has past the only way to get you chance is at the show ( June 30 th) or this weekend at the events or the shops who carry them( TriCo,Classic Cycles in Orange,The Garage Company and the Cycle Lodge).The shops have a limited number and when they are gone that's it. Sunday is the Long Beach motorcycle swap meet and we will be there too. This the final event of the year before the show. We have worked pretty much everything event we could for the last 9 months and this is finally it.....See you this weekend.

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