March 2, 2013

Wink Eller...Living Legend & BF5 Builder

We only met Wink about a year ago but feels like we have been friends for years. He is the most generous,honest and determined guy as you will find... and a wealth of knowledge too.Wink has done it all but he is so humble you would never know it.He has overcome more than anyone should yet he is so full of life... it's truly amazing. Trying to tell you about Wink is almost impossible you really need to meet him...and you will at Born-Free 5. Wink is a land speed record holder( 68 records in fact) and his legendary crashes would have ended the lives of most. He has built every kind of motorcycle for every kind of person and has worked in every aspect of motorcycle industry since he was 17 years old when he rode his old Panhead chopper out to California from North Carolina....I could write a book about Wink's life and some one really should.We shot Wink's video a while back and it will be ready soon.Our Builder Invite Sponsor Loser Machine did this nice write up about Wink on their site... 

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