June 12, 2013

Important Born-Free Spectator Info Please Read

I had our yearly meeting with the local law enforcement today about Born-Free 5. Things to note: No club colors of any kind are allowed, No pets of any kind are allowed, no coolers or alcohol will be allowed to be brought in to the show. As much as I wish it was 1969 ( I really do) it's not..so please refrain from using THINGS that will get you in trouble.
The Sheriffs are there to keep the peace and for public safety. They are not there to harass you so please be respectful and we will have another great event.
Lastly... we have said this many times before and we want to say it again because we care...those canyon roads are highly patrolled by law enforcement,they are very dangerous, people get killed on them all the time, drinking too much and riding those roads will get you arrested or dead..so please be safe. Other than that let's party!! See you all on June 29 th!!! 

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