October 30, 2013


I grabbed this off Caleb's site. I thought it was meaningful.                         
  • 10-29-2013

  • My first Born Free 6 post. I am resurrecting Uncle Sam. This time around for me it is more about the journey to bring that bike back and to actually finish it like I initially intended. I'm on a search of some sort. An emotional journey possibly.
    This is the tank that was on the bike at the time I got hit.
    I'm going about things a little different this time around. I'm hoping to get several friends, and other builders/fabricators I admire and respect, to help me bring the bike back to life. Most folks that build their first chopper get help along the way from friends and old timers, my journey was a lot different. Aside from my brothers telling me what NOT to do, most of what I learned was self taught.
    So, with the spirit of the old timers before us, I'm setting out to bring my bike back to life and maybe along the way, learn something new about bikes, metal work, people, and hopefully, life.

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