December 27, 2013

Bryan Thompson Invited Builder

Each year we try to add a few guys to the invited builder line up that can build quality bikes, bring something unique to the show and yet are relatively unknown .Bryan Thompson is that guy. Bryan lives on the quiet Central Coast where he builds and paints for himself and friends. He does all his work in small shop space at home with just the basic tools.  
Bryan has a Speedway racing background and probably one of the nicest, most humble people I have ever met...not to mention a very talented builder & a incredible eye for detail.His silver Triumph won top British honors at BF1 & his Candy Red 59 won the Keith Moore Award at BF 5. He also has cleaned up at every other event his bikes have entered. Bryan's builds are super clean, highly detailed and ready to be ridden.
 If you are a Triumph guy or gal start thinking about Bryan's BF6 Pre Unit build...because it's in the giveaway promo and it can be yours!! Here are few progress shots of the build, Bryan's Speedway days and his other bikes.   

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