March 25, 2014

Born-Free 6 Best in Show Award

 The Best In Show Award at Born - Free 6 will be given to a bike that's out in the main show area not one of the 25 Invited Builders. This means every bike that is inside the show grounds ( maybe even the parking lot) will be eligible. It's been this way from the beginning but the difference is this year we have excluded the Invited Builders from this award. We have several awards for the Invitees to win but this award we want to go to the regular show-goer out in the crowd. That's You!  Every year we try to improve on the show, get more people engaged and  listen to all of you. We try to learn from what worked  well & what did not. This is the case here. This award has evolved over the years, criteria, eligibility, even the name has changed...but this year, this choice just feels right.
 So get your bikes finished and get to BF6. 
Here's a note of importance- If you are hiding it at the show in a vendor booth or behind a truck it may be tough to find so put it out for everyone to enjoy & us to be able to see. * Lastly please remember...our awards are fun and light hearted & yeah there are a few bragging rights amongst friends & some prizes but please don't take it them too seriously. See you all June 28-29th.


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