May 20, 2014

Invited Builder Update-Jordan Dickinson

Jordan Dickinson of Union Speed and Style in Minnesota has been working over time on the tube bender, tig welder, pull max, and more on his Born-Free 6 build. Jordan is no slouch in the fabrication department and this bike will no doubt be one of his finest creations yet!  Be sure to check it out at BF6 and follow him on and his work on Instagram .CLICK HERE

He has this to say about the build so far:
Trying to focus on giving the Sheetmetal a 40's vibe with a bit of a twist.  The gas tank still has miles to go before it's done, I basically just got the shape into it so it matches a stock tank.  From there I'm going to start adding in body line details and probably some stainless trim with a custom tank badge to top it all off.  When we shaped out the fender we went with a little inspiration from an old schwinn fender trim piece, with a little bit of our touch added to it.  Not a huge update, but you see where we're heading with the build.  Motor and tranny is going to be buttoned up next weekend and I really can't wait to show you the pictures of how that has turned out.  It's so rad! 

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