January 5, 2015

BF 7 Invited Builder : Jeff Wright

Besides choosing the invited builders ( which is really hard ) one of the toughest things to we do each year is to get pictures & updates from our builders to share with all of you.They start with a pile a parts but it does not look like a motorcycle so they don't take pictures, then they start the fab work but they really do not want to share because the welds are not finished, then they tear it down for paint & chrome and it's too late.. that's just the way it happens year after year...until now. Jeff Wright of COC has created a blog for BF7 KZ Chopper that will show the entire build process. This makes my job much easier and for those of you who are interested... a real chopper build to follow. Hopefully you will be at BF to see it finished. Jeff's builds are definitely not driven by what's in style at the moment or what he thinks people might like. He has successfully blended all aspects of performance with the toughness of choppers and truly created his own style. His creativity & different way of thinking was a big reason for us asking him to get involved with the show...we are very glad he did! Follow Jeff's build  http://cockz.blogspot.com/ and if you don't know about COC Blog http://www.cocstreetbikes.blogspot.com/  you should be...it is a huge part of why you are reading this.


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