February 25, 2015

Born-Free 7 Invited Builders Carmine and Jason of Visionary Cycle Products

Its rare that we have "teams" as builders, but sometimes guys just work better together and Carmine and Jason of Visionary Cycle Products in New York are two such dudes. If you haven't seen all the parts that their company VCP makes by now you need to check em out! CLICK HERE for their website.

In addition to running a busy company and working jobs they also find time to build nice bikes. Here is what they say about their BF7 build:
"We are extremely excited to be building a bike for Born-Free 7 this year. We are going to put together a mix of some of our production parts that we make for Visionary Cycle Products along with some custom one off parts for the bike.
The base of the bike is built around an OEM early 1937 Knucklehead frame that was modified by going slightly up and out in the front of the frame and shortened and narrowed to rear section of the frame to pull everything in tight and fill a lot of the gaps.
The engine for the bike is going to be an early 1950's set of OEM Panhead engine cases that will be setup as an 88" engine. We are running dual front heads with dual Amal carbs which will be modified with accelerator pumps. The internals of the engine are made up of Truett and Osborne custom lightweight flywheels and rods, custom Baisley built OEM rockers modified with roller tips, lightweight cam chest gears, and a custom cam built by Leineweber. The whole engine combination should make for a fast revving powerful engine.
The final vision for the bike is basically a trimmed down slimmed down lightweight chopper that can handle the harsh streets of NY where we live, that is capable of weaving through the tight traffic to get where it needs to go.
We are really looking forward to being out at Born-Free again this year for the show, and cant wait to see some of the other Invited Builder Bikes that are being done for this years show. See you in June - Visionary Cycle Products"

Stay tuned and be sure to also follow them on Instagram HERE

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