May 26, 2015

Time is Ticking...Only 31 Days to Go

If you plan on riding to Born-Free and want to be inside the show you need a Grass Pass admission band. These bands are for people riding bikes only( not driving cars )and if you have a passenger they need one too. These bands will get you in early through a different gate and parked inside the grounds. No need to pull ur helmet or fumble through ur pockets for cash. You also become the show. Every bike inside show grounds is eligible for an award & part of the action. We also need the help: these bands really cut down on the traffic, the parking issues and help us get the show set and ready to go much sooner. *This is the only way to guarantee your bike will be inside the grounds regardless of what time you get there. Also if you are building a bike to show you must have a Grass Pass to get in and entered otherwise no guarantees. Get one today. Online Cut Off is coming soon.

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