April 24, 2015

Win a 1946 Knucklehead Chopper

*Win a Knucklehead built by Max Schaaf from 4Q Condition in Oakland Ca.

 Max is hard at work getting the 46 in shape for some update pics. We should have something for you real soon. If you have not got ur BF7 Giveaway promo poster/ticket combo to win the Knuck & the 2 H-D Lowriders (2015 & 1977 ) you need too...they are going fast and if we sell out before the show that's it. $ 25 bucks could take home a Knuckle built by Max Schaaf and 2 Lowriders. You must be present to win. Go to the BF Page on Loser Machine website to get the poster/ ticket combo, grass pass admission bands and new merch. http://www.losermachine.com/collections/born-free

April 22, 2015

BF 7 Skate Decks & New Merch

We have new Born-Free Merch that Loser Machine just rolled out on the BF page. http://www.losermachine.com/collections/born-free We also have a new VIP Promo going: Buy a Grass Pass admission band for Saturday and Sunday along with 4 poster/ticket combos for the bike giveaway promo and you will receive a Adam Nickel/ Max Schaaf designed  BF/ Jokers skate deck. This is the only way to get the deck. These are not for sale anywhere. These skate decks are very limited and when we run out that's it. Check out the page and get some goods. http://www.losermachine.com/collections/born-free  

Oliver Jones BF7 Builder Update

Here is the latest build update from invited builder Oliver Jones. Definitely some cool stuff going here. ...I hope he's sand bagging and further along then these photos show but here goes....

April 20, 2015

BF7 Invited Builder Update-Carmine and Jason of VCP

The Invited Builder team of Carmine Bellamore and Jason Moss of Visionary Cycle Products in New York are happy to have the motor done for their build thanks to some talented help.
It's based around oem panhead cases that now displace 88-inches using Truett and Osborne lightweight rotating assembly with H-beam rods, a custom Leineweber cam, dual front heads using oem castings heavily modified by Brandon at Mullins Chian Drive to run twin Amal carbs, a cast Morris G5 magneto, Baisley roller top rocker arms and even one off carbon fiber rocker covers for a total package should make for a fast and high revving motor! The engine specs were designed by Adam Munzinger from Milkhaus Speed Research.
We can't wait to hear this beast run! Stay tuned for more and be sure to follow us on Instagram HERE, Visionary Cycle Products HERE, Milkhaus Speed Research HERE, and Mullins Chain Drive HERE.

Born-Free You Tube

To see the latest BF7 Builder Videos and all the fun from past years please subscribe to our BF You Tube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/bornfreeshow/videos

April 17, 2015

BF7 Invited Builder Video Series Featuring Arie Van Schyndel

Check out the latest video in our BF7 Invited Builder series presented by Street Chopper Magazine featuring the super dynamic Arie Vee...Vee...Vee 


April 13, 2015


That's right Win 2 bikes on one ticket. The lucky winner we receive a brand new 2015 H-D Lowrider & a classic 1977 H-D Lowrider. One new,one old..keep one give one to a friend! $25 dollars to win 2 bikes...oh yeah we also have a 1946 H-D Knucklehead chopper being built as I type this by Max @4Q Conditioning that you also can win.That's 3 bikes that will go home with new owners at BF 7. If the stars align it's conceivable that one person could win all three!! The only way to know is to get entered & get to the show. *The Lowriders will be given away on Saturday June 27th & the Knucklehead Chopper on Sunday June 28th. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN THE BIKES!! BUY A BF7 POSTER/TICKET COMBO RIGHT NOW AND GET ENTERED  http://www.losermachine.com/collections/born-free  

New Born-Free Merch

We have some new BF Merch available now through Loser Machine. One stop for soft goods, poster/ticket combo and the Grass Pass admission bands. The Adam Nickel/ 4Q inspired shirt is almost out of stock so if you want one get it now! We have a new design from a different artist coming soon...hats too! * The Grass Pass admission bands are limited in numbers and we have gone through a lot already...Please do yourself & your friends a favor and get them now...We will sell out soon. Go to http://www.losermachine.com/collections/born-free to get everything you need.

April 12, 2015

COC Jeff Wrights BF7 Build Update Pics

Jeff is making great progress on his BF7 Build and it looks unreal. Check out these update pics and see for yourself.