May 31, 2016

Atten Born-Free 8 Vendors

This message is for paid vendors w/ signed vendor agreement form only. We are totally sold out and not accepting any new vendors and will not respond to new requests. To the paid/ signed vendors we have sent out the first of several emails regarding vending at the show. If you did not receive the email and you are a paid/signed vendor only..please contact   See you all soon.


May 29, 2016


Hey folks we sent out the first Camp Born-Free Email to all the registered guests. If you bought a BF VIP Camp Band online through Loser Machine or directly from us and did not receive the email please email me  Again this is only for those registered campers who did not get the email. The CAMP IS SOLD OUT. We will be sending out several emails in the next few weeks to the registered guests about all the Campsite Info.

Saturday Grass Pass Bands are Sold Out...Not the Show

We have sold out of the Saturday Grass Pass Admission bands. These bands get you and your bike parked inside the show grounds on the grass. What does this mean? This just means you just can not park your bike inside the grounds. You still can ride or drive to the show and simply park in the lot and pay at the gate. The show itself is not sold out. We still have Sunday Grass Pass bands available though Loser Machine...they are going quick.

May 25, 2016

Time is Running Out

The Grass Pass admission bands are the only way to get your bike on show grounds. If you want to enter your bike for the Born-Free Awards, the FXR Show, The Arlen Ness Digger Show or just want to park inside the show grounds on the grass...this is the only way you can do it. You will not be able to just ride to the show, pay at the gate and bring your bike inside the grounds. You can still ride to the show but will be directed to general bike/car parking in the dirt lot. The Grass Pass cut off is approaching so do not wait...or you will be in the dirt!! Get'em online today through Loser Machine

May 19, 2016


Hey folks Camp Born-Free is officially SOLD OUT. There are no more campsites available. Thank you to those who bought campsites and are staying with us. Its going to be a blast. We will be sending out an email next week with all the details and info on the camp. See you all next month!!  

May 6, 2016

April 26, 2016

BF8 Grass Pass / Camp Bands / Giveaway Bike Promo Poster/ Ticket /Merch

GRASS PASS : We have less than 2 months until Showtime so if you still have not got your BF8 is the time. The Grass Pass admission bands are the only way to guarantee you can ride your bike inside the show grounds and be parked on the grass. If you are building a bike to show or just want to hang out with friends with your bikes...You need a Grass Pass Admission band. Still only $10 bucks.
CAMPING:The VIP Camp Bands are just about sold if you want to camp with us you must act now. You get 3 days/ 2 nights of camping at the official Camp Born-Free. We have bands, movies, food and drink vendors and other night time fun. Camp Bands are sold per person and No RV'S or Camping Trailers allowed.

BIKE GIVEAWAYS: If you want to win 1 or all 3 bikes we are giving away this year including a 1940 Knucklehead - 1953 Panhead and a new 2016 H-D Lowrider S you need to buy a BF8 Bike Giveaway Promo poster/ticket combo....still only $25 bucks.
Also new T Shirts and hats on the Loser Machine BF Merch page....

April 21, 2016

This Weekend

Hippy Killer Hoedown on Saturday and Long Beach Cycle Swap on Sunday..Come out and get your BF8 Grass Pass Admission Bands, VIP Camp Bands and Bike Giveaway Promo Poster/Ticket Combos.