June 4, 2010

Pacific Coast Cycles

The Born Free bike show is being held at Pacific Coast Cycles.The owner is Mike O'Brien .When I first met Mike I told him about the first Born Free show we did and before I could finish the story he said "let's do the next one here".His enthusiasm for the show & old bikes fired me up so much I told Grant about it & we decided to do it again... and that's how Born Free 2 got it's new home.Mike has assumed a huge responsibility by having this show at his shop and we really appreciate it.We also want to show respect for him & his property when we are all there having a great time.I stopped by his shop yesterday afternoon to sign some paperwork and found out that Mike had suffered a heart attack on Monday night.He is doing great and told me if he didn't make it his son knows what do and the show would go on...Needless to say he is fine and now back to work.I also found out that he is a cancer survivor,this is one tough guy. When we talk about old motorcycles he gets so excited you can't help but get excited too.We are building a good friendship and we are glad to put this show on with him.

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