August 25, 2010

Born-Free 3 Needs you

Many of you have probably seen Mike's post on the Born Loser blog, but we have a lot of work to do for Born THree...especially to try and keep it free again. It's no secret that last year was beyond everyone's expectations, so with that in mind we are goin to need sponsor help for 2011 to make this all happen and keep things free. We are looking for a Headline, Gold, and Silver Sponsor levels that will be major support for the show. For anyone serious about these sponsor possitions please email myself at or Mike Davis at for more details. We are also working on vendor packages as well and invite all past vendors as well as anyone new to inquire. We have lots of space for you and mroe than enough for bikes this year. Believe it or not time is already ticking for flyer and ad deadlines that we'll need art and information for. Remember, we'll be giving away a Garage Co.-built knucklehead. Pretty crazy, we know, but it's gonna happen!

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