September 9, 2010

Show Bikes get ready...

We are working out the details on a show within a show concept( invited build off) @ Born Free 3. This is what we have so far:: a small number of invited builders ( professional or a guy in his garage) with new builds to debut at the show.We will have a special location for these bikes to be viewed & judged by the spectators and healthy cash prizes & trophies will be awarded on site to the winners.The contest is open to all types of bikes...from a FXR's to a Vincent's, choppers,bobbers & competition bikes...We have some commitments already so if you have something special that will be done in time let us know....Please remember aside from this :::The Born Free Show is free & open to everyone...and we encourage everybody to RIDE are welcome here!! This is just a special portion of the show to make your day more enjoyable and to give a platform & some respect to those guys out there doing real show bikes.We still will have our awards like The Born Free,Best in Show,Best Triumph etc,w/killer gift bags just like years past... Did I mention there is no fee to put your bike in the show and the winners of the "invited build off" will get a bag of cash!! Email us @ or


  1. Sign me up for the invitational. Have a build I'm just wrapping up now. Do you want pics or something?

  2. Send us a picture and some info. our emails are on the top right of the home page.