October 22, 2010

Sponsor Questions

Thank you all for your sponsorship interest. We have had a lot of questions and a little confusion since we didn't clarify well enough.
As in the past we have simple and cheap sponsorship which is $100 and you get your logo on the back of the event Tee shirt and internet flyer, a link on the blog here, and we'll be doing a "sponsor spotlight" about your company on the blog.
We have vendor spaces too, many more this year because we have the space. A 10x10 is $200, a 10x20 is $250, and we have some to accomodate small trailers, etc, email for price.
The deadline for all of the above is January 31, 2011 at this point.
we have found our headline sponsor which is Vans, and we also have a Gold and Silver level sponsorship. Each of these is obviously more than the regular logo sponsor and we only expect to have a few, but they are key to helping us get the show on the road and the kncuklehead done since everything is costing us way more this year to make the show happen. For those that are interested in a gold or silver spot you can email us, but the deadline is October 31 which is next weekend. The rest of you have time, don't worry!
Also, we have the number of builders for our Born-Free builders area we are comfortable with for now. Stay tuned, but this is by no means a way to discourage all those that are building bikes to come to BF3, bring it on!

As far as the art goes we have it just about narrowed down to a winner which we'll be using for much of our advertising.
have a good weekend, go for a ride!

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