February 5, 2011

Born Free Show Info

The are a lot of people out there just finding out about the show and how we run it.Most still can't believe that a show of this size & quality still can be free to attend and free to enter your bike not to mention free drinks,food and a $ 25 dollar Knucklehead .This show is not about making money it's about people and their love of motorcycles...with a heavy lean toward vintage bikes.The show would not be able to happen without our sponsors or vendors...we are so appreciative of their generosity and really want to thank each and everyone who is supporting this show this year and in the past. It's your show too!Next is the bike build....we have decided to do what we think has never been done before and that's give away a real 1946 Harley Davidson Knucklehead completely done and built by the Garage Company.We have printed a limited number of hand screened original artwork posters( by our pal Adam Nickel ) which he did for free & a really neat matching ticket that you get for free when you purchase the poster. These posters are well worth the 25 dollars alone much less getting a free ticket for a chance to win the bike...again a 46 Knuckle.The posters and tickets pay for the bike,the show spot which is incredible,the permits and all the other countless expenses that add up to put on a event like this.So we want everyone to know that when you buy a poster w/your free ticket ( and it's very vital that you do buy them ) you are actually helping us put on this show..so in reality YOU are a really big part of Born Free and we want to thank you all very much !! The event is a grassroots effort and has grown organically and we want it to stay that way...So please join us June 25 th 2011 and be part of BF3..

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