February 3, 2011

Builder / Friend/ Rider

First off we are please to announce the Max will be building a Panhead for the BF3 builder invite.Unless u have been under a rock u probably know that he and some friends made a CA 2 NY trip on there old bikes a few months back..one was a BSA.These guys have proved that the old bikes are meant to ride and anything is possible with desire to do it.This story should inspire all of you to make your plans now,get out your maps,rally the troops,finish your bikes and ride them to Born Free.The stories you would tell and memories you would make will stay with you forever.This show is about the same thing..doing what you want even when they say it can't be done, freedom,good times and making lasting memories with your friends ( new & old).We are all getting older, time is flying by and the world is changing...Now is the time...June 25 th 2011

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