March 6, 2011

Campers Unite

If you are into camping at Born Free here are some options.The O'Neil Regional Park has camping still available but it is filling in quickly.Irvine Lake also offer camping...I think they are having a blues fest that weekend so if that's your thing you might stay there.Most of the campers we have talked to are setting up at O'Neil...they do not allow alcohol but if you are low key bringing it in you will be fine...straping to the sissybar won't work...remember it's not the 70's.Cooks corner bar is around the bend so you can eat and drink until you get you fill..they are open super early for breakfast and stay open to 2 am for the party animals. Here is the O'Neil Park Camping info:::O'Neill Regional Park
30892 Trabuco Canyon Road
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92678
(949)923-2260 or (949)923-2256 and Irvine Lake Camping info::

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