March 8, 2011

Getting CLose!

I was just at the Garage Company at lunch checking in and Kiyo was making the wiring harness for the Born-Free Knucklehead. Nice cloth covered wire, all heat shrinked in the right spots...the good stuff!
Yoshi ran out of posters/ticket combos, but i'll be dropping off more tomorrow for those that are in LA and want to stop by.
Remember! the party at the Garage Company is THIS SATURDAY!!! 3-8pm, free food and drinks. Come see the wonders that there walls hold!
Also, if any of you are facebookers, can you spread the word? we're not hip and with it enough to be all over the computer...thanks!


  1. Holy shit! Thats looking nice!!

  2. Louie..thank you for saying what needs to be said! $ 25 for a chance to win this bike.Please folks do yourself a favor and get one before they are gone...and they will be gone.