March 12, 2011

Knucklehead Debut Party was a hit!

TOday was pretty overwhelming thanks to Yoshi and Kiyo and the whole Garage Company gang! The Born-Free Knucklehead is above and beyond our expectations as well as our hopes and dreams! The bike not only looks great but will do so for decaades to come, it's just a timeless machine now that it's all said and done. We couldn't be more proud as parents of such a cool bike, but it's only ours for a little over three more months then it could be yours........did we mention it runs like a well oiled machine! Not bad for a $25 investment, huh?
Get your posters/tickets at the Garage Comapny or click the link to the right.
And by the way, a lucky poster/ticket holder from Arizona won the Lowbrow Customs Alien tank that Harpoon knocked out of the park with deeeeep candy rootbeer flames on champagne Murano pearl....sweet !

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