May 17, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight-Hawgholic

Our good friend Gaku Yokomizo (shown to the left at Born-Free 2) of Hawgholic in Tokyo sent in a generous paypal to help out with Born-Free 3 since he can't make it this year due to effects of the recent earthquake/nuclear situation in eastern Japan. Gaku has been building some of the coolest old iron in Japan for years now and even though we were excited to have him bring one of his bikes over to be part of the invited builder showcase, we understand family comes first, we'll miss you this year my friend!
Other well known Tokyo local Mochi (next to Max) of L7 and Cycleheadz will be here with Gen of Love Ear Art and hopefully some of the Vice crew like Yoshiki (middle) and more from out west in Nagoya.
Thanks Guys!

Gaku, Eric from Fuct, Yoshiki of Vice, Mochi L7, Max Schaaf
Gaku and Grant last year in Yokohama

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