July 1, 2011

Atten Campers.....

To everyone who camped at O'neil Regional Park....Thank you!!!!! The campground coordinator was very impressed and extended an invitation back for any other event we may do.That just does not happen anymore! Everything we do reflects on Born Free & the future of the show....from the camping to the way we treated the grass at the event site and everything was treated with respect and that means alot to us.We are trying to keep this show free and fun for all but ran in professional manor with care..and we really care.The whole day was filled with a feel good attitude and the authorities,security,event staff,site owner and everyone else could feel it. Now that the show is almost a week old the posts will slow,the"thank you" emails will stop and the memories will start to fade but that day was special and if you were part of it ...we thank you!!


  1. Very cool, glad to hear. I camped there with friends.

  2. That's good to hear. I heard there of some complaints from the owners of some cars parked in the car lot. Reports of windshield cracks allegedly caused by gravel burnouts by two-wheelers. That reflected poorly if true.