July 24, 2011

Builder Invite Winner

(( C a l e b ))

When you win an award voted on by your peers I think that means something..Caleb Owen's Panhead won the BF3 Builder Invite voted on by the other builders and it was a real cool moment when his name was announced.Caleb has moviestar good looks and lot's of talents too...guitar player, beer drinker,Frank Zappa lover,bike builder and all around good dude.Congrats to Caleb!


  1. This is a beautiful machine big and so compact at the same time... great chopper, hope to see more detail pictures in the future, without Amy sitting on it...
    Props to Mister Caleb!!!

  2. one of my personal favorites... possibly of all time.

  3. what a clean set up. showing less is more at times. paint is so killer up close!