August 11, 2011

Builder Spotlight JE

People throw around the term "period correct" and now days most say it like it's a bad thing....It's very hard to do and most don't care or just can't do it right....but to some it's important.Building a bike or car or restoring an old fishing pole it's all the same...if you do it with thought and care, have the knowledge & time,the end result can be something real special.There's nothing wrong with doing a bike on a budget or using what you have access to...I am all for for it...but when you have the eye,talent and resources...look out.John Edwards 59 Panhead was part of our Builder Invite this year and if you got a chance to see it and really look at the quality,parts and workmanship that went into will blow your mind. A painter who paints his own bikes solid subtle colors?? That's John! I have seen this bike build from the very beginning and know first hand who did the work...99.9 % of it...John!! I am a parts freak and this bike has it all...I won't break it down for you but it has a lot of neat and Nos stuff that takes a special eye & patience to find.The bike looks like a perfect 60's showbike has no flaws!! It may not be for everyone but if you like bikes built to look like they could have rolled out of the past ...this one does.


  1. well said mike. one must have alot of patience to pull it off..

  2. i am always amazed at what people can do. much respect.