November 16, 2011

Please Read...Sponsors Vendors Builders

We are going on #4 and it's been a lot of fun and a huge learning experience and we hope we are getting better every year.We have tried to be as fair and friendly to everyone as we possibly can.The whole idea behind Born Free was to create a free show that was filled with lot's of old motorcycles,friends and goodtimes.I think for the most part we have done that.We have had an open door policy for anyone interested and passionate about the show and wanted to get involved.Some folks show support by being a sponsor..big or small..some a vendor,a builder or just ride out their old bike and enjoy the day... we really appreciate all of you.We are two regular guys with regular jobs,families and responsibilities just like you...we are not anything special or above that.We are not full time promoters or professional's at this.The point I am trying to make is if you wanted to be a Top Sponsor we announced that we were doing BF4 and needed sponsors 3 or 4 months ago, we posted on this blog & others several times about options & deadlines,we offered several sponsor options and payment arrangements,we sent out emails to all past vendors & sponsors about being a vendor this year or being a top sponsor,we had an early bird special for vendors,and we also announced that we doing the builder invite again...So we tried the best we could to get the word out to you.We are sorry that some of you feel left out or are upset but if you knew about the show and what we were doing we needed you to come forward months ago like the others did and say you wanted to get involved.Things are moving so fast and we need to keep deadlines and get tasks done or we won't be able to make good on the promises we have made to our Sponsors and Supporters.We hope you can understand what we are trying to do and will help us make this the best Born Free yet.If you want to get involved as a Top Sponsor you still can, you have missed the first round of promotions but there are still many more things we will be doing and it's not too late to get in. Vendors we have plenty of time to get your spot but the earlier you get in the better the location.Please email us if you have any concerns or questions about anything.We can not help if we don't know..... and


  1. Stick to yer guns, as you said its #4, no surprises on signing up. Those that are committed did, those that didn't aint...theres always next year...

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