December 16, 2011

The Wait is Over...

You can buy your poster w/ free ticket right now online.Go to and get your chance to win one or both 1969 Shovelheads. Tyler from Lowbrow is handling all the online sales and we really appreciate his help and support.We will be at the all swaps,shows and other events selling in person.You also can buy at the Garage Company,Tri Co, Dixie,The Cycle Lodge and Classic Cycles.We have printed a limited number of posters/w tickets again this year and the odds are the same as last year. The biggest changes this year is the chance to win 2 bikes and you do not need to be present to win.The way it will work is if you are at the show ( June 30th 2012 ) and your number is called you can choose the bike you want. If the ticket number is called and the winner is not present we will pre determine which bike goes first ( with an online poll when the bikes are finished) then we pull the next ticket and that winner gets the other bike.The guys from Biltwell/ChopCult ( Bill & Magoo)have graciously offered to hand deliver the bikes to anywhere in the USA to the winners if they are not present...just like Ed McMahon. Knock on your door and roll the bike in the living room....again free delivery in the USA!! If you are outside of the USA you are responsible for shipping!! Period !! We can hold the bike for a while so you to work out the details and we will drop off at the shipper for you.. but that is all...You are responsible for all shipping costs. This is your chance to own one or two 69 Shovelheads.We know times are tough and some folks just can't leave their jobs,can't leave their families or just don't have the funds to make it California for the show.... so we hope this change helps everyone.We are continuing to try and make the show better and get more people involved all over the world and we think these changes will do that. We appreciate all the support Born-Free has gotten and we hope you all will continue to make this show some different and something really special.