January 6, 2012

69 Shovel Chop Update

Kiyo is working double time to get this bike done. If you don't already know...This bike can be yours!! Buy a poster & get a free ticket that enters you to win this bike or the 69 stocker! Get one now@ http://www.lowbrowcustoms.com/index.php?l=product_list&m=71 This will be a competely done bike built by Kiyo @ the Garage Company and painted by Sonny Boy....a real 69 Gen Shovel,Super rare American Racing rear wheel,Adjustable Wide Glide Front End,Bear Seat Co. ribbed seat set,Kiyo modified Hummer tank & Risers....too much to list. More updates soon. Your purchase & chance win keeps Born-Free...FREE...Thanks to All who support the Show!!!

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