February 24, 2012

Born Free Peanut Tank Promotion

Tyler from Lowbrow Customs( donating the tank) inconjuntion with Harpoon Custom Paint ( donating the paint job) will offer up a fully custom painted Peanut tank as a Born Free 4 promotion.Starting today Feb 24 th until March 20 th.( online) and up until will pull the winning number March 24th @ the party anyone who buys a Born Free 4 Shovelhead poster w/ free ticket will automatically be entered to win the tank. You can buy online from Low Brow Customs, from us in person at local events or the locations that are selling for us... The Garage Company, Classic Cycles or The Cycle Lodge.Thats it..very simple. We are having a party at The Garage Company March 24 th ( flyer coming soon) to unveil the completed 69 Shovelheads for Born Free 4. We will give the tank away at the party.Loser Machine is sponsoring the event and we will have free food,drinks and lots of giveaways...so mark the date! Saturday March 24 2012 : 2pm to 8pm. We will give the tank away about 6 pm or so. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT TO WIN! If we pull your number we will ship it to you. More info to come soon. If you have any questions or concerns please email us @ mike@bornfreeshow.com or grant@bornfreeshow.com


  1. no love for the early birds that bought it huh? dangg..

  2. Hector will really appreciate the early support.We hope you will buy another one it will (up) your chances at the bikes and enter you for the tank giveaway. Thank you.

  3. We have love for them all! As in the past few years we have special promotions throughout the year to help us as far as sales which is how we make this whole thing happen and keep the show FREE!!! We thank you for your early support and as Mike said maybe you'll pickup another ticket or two throughout the next 4 months. Stay tuned and thanks again!