February 16, 2012

Steve Buchanan ( Builder )

When we asked Steve to do the builder invite I was thinking a polite no thank you was what he was going to say...but to our surprise... Yes was his answer. Steve is a guy who has some of the coolest,weirdest stuff around but keeps it under wraps... so for him to bust out a build for this years show is a real cool thing.His green Panhead was a big inspiration for me to get into old Harleys and we are super jazzed to see what he will bring to Born Free. ..rumor is it's a Panhead? ....maybe a dual carbed Knuckle? We will know very soon.


  1. Fantastic !!! I'll be bustin my clacker to get over for this one !!!

  2. Always loved that green Pan! Can't wait to see what he builds.

  3. I get by with a little help from my friends....