March 6, 2012

Atten Born-Free Artist's

Hey fellas, can you post this on your Born Free blog?........... all the artists that have contributed to the Born Free t shirt and poster contests past and present, anyone that has any new art for the born free show including paintings, drawings, photography and video, we want you to be part of the born free art show. i will need all the art to be original (not a piece of paper off your printer) and framed and ready to be hung up for the show. we are going to try to put alot of art together for the art show but first to contact me and commit your art to the show will be the ones involved. the show has its limitations quantity-wise. don`t wait till the last minute. i saw alot of the entries for the Born Free contests and the shit was amazing. so be part of the show and let everyone see it up close and personal. Mike said some of the art will be chosen to go to Sturgis this summer! Last year the show was local artists coming together, we are looking to bring the world together this year! please contact me, Nash at this will be a great gathering/collection of folks that will being celebrating one of the biggest motorcycle events in California, if not the world. Born Free 4 to be continued.................. thanks for letting me be part of this event. Be peace brotherS.. Nash

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