March 15, 2012

Tyler Malinky & His Dual Engine Builder Bike

What's better than one Pre Unit Motor ?...How about 2 ! Here is the latest from Tyler:
Yo Mike, attached are pics & a update on my dual engine bike.

Bottom ends have gone together, thanks to Todd Muller, in-house tech at Lowbrow. Everything clearanced so the later cranks and lumpy cams will actually turn in the 1955 crank cases. Beefy rods. Cylinders bored, ready for paint, and then the top ends will be going together. Heads and high dome pistons ready and lying in wait. My plan was to build two stock '55 T110 motors, but that plan kind of went out the window, fortune favors the bold. Mockup motors and trans in the frame for now as details both large and small get addressed. Changes being made, big ones, as recent as tonight stay tuned for some full profile shots.

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