April 11, 2012

Born-Free 3 knucklehead sighting!

We've wondered and been asked on a regular basis how the '46 Knucklehead is doing that we gave away at Born-Free 3. To be honest we weren't sure but hoped for the best since we hadn't really heard anything from Paul in Vegas that won it.
Well, i was just cruizing the interweb and was on NOOT's blog and he posted a pic of it at the recent Vivia Las Vegas weekender. Good to know it's being ridden!

pic poached from NOOT


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  2. Shit, I ride that knuckle almost eveyday (now that I can kick it first try). I can wait to have a shovel (or 2) sitting next to the knuckle and my ironheads.
    I have already bought a shit load of tickets for BF4 and I don't plan to stop until June. Win or lose I will always support Born Free.

  3. Hey Paul glad to hear from you and happy to see u out riding & enjoying the bike.

  4. Great to hear you are getting your money's worth Paul! See you soon!