June 22, 2012

Born-Free General Info

These are things you need to know if you don't already:: The show is FREE! Free entry and Free to put your bike in the show. It's Free!! The show is located at Oak Canyon Ranch 5305 Santiago Canyon Road in Silverado ( Orange County) Ca.92676...right behind Irvine Lake..Look for signs. The hours are 10 am to 5 pm. We will do the awards around 4 and the Bike/Tank giveaways to follow. Bike Info: If you want to put your bike in the show to be judged ( all years welcome) you will come through the show bike entrance( Gate # 1) the roads will be clearly marked and signs everywhere, park it in the show bike area,come up to the reg. booth grab a tag & fill it out,put it on your bike and that's it..very easy. If you are on a newer bike and not wanting to be in the show( we strongly encourage all vintage bikes to be part of the show) you will come down to gate # 2 and will be parked on the grass on the backside of the show grounds but still on site. All cars will be parked in the massive lot we rented just past gate #2 ( At the end of the road ). We have hired a parking service to park the bikes and cars so it should run pretty smooth. We will have signs clearly marked to help you along. PLEASE REMEMBER THERE IS NO STREET PARKING ANYWHERE. YOU WILL BE TOWED. For insurance reasons there are NO PETS allowed . The event site and local law enforcement have a (( no Patch or Colors )) policy that we must abide by.We respect everyone's right live & do as they choose so we must respect the event site's policy as well.We thank you in advance for your cooperation and look forward to seeing everyone on June 30th.


  1. I bet you a dollar that if your not a friend of B/F, or not in the crowd, your not gettin those bikes. The winner will be someone who "just happens to be a bro" Wanna bet?

  2. A dollar is alot of money how about 50 cents? Anyway Johhny thanks for the comment and you can have your opinion but its obvious you do not know this show or what its about. Check back a week from today to see who gets the bikes.

  3. Hey Johnny, you sound like a real jackass. Mike and grant work their nuts oFf and put out a lot of their own moNey to make this all happen for everyone. You think they'd jeopardize their names and the whole show to arrange some kind of fake raffle drawing so someone they know wins the bikes? Yea that sounds really likely. Maybe you should shut your sewer and buy a ticket and instead of bitching you might get yourself a shovel head. I know aren't going to the show that's why you are hating so bad. So hop on your shitbox iron head sportster and ride off into the sunset. Or come over to the live free cycle sales booth and I'll smash your teeth down your throat. Sunds ok?