June 20, 2012

Tyler Lepore Builder Update

Tyler Lepore's BF 4 Triumph Build....Tyler writes:: Entire rear section is made out of 7/8 tubing, profiled to fit a batestt style seat, ( I pretty much built the entire bike around the seat)Fenders are old triumph cub fenders, cut up and molded into the rearhoop, cut the shock mounts out on the mill and mitered them to fit my7/8 tubing, cut a section out of the swing arm, to accept the tire Iwanted to run, cut an old oil bag I had in half, and matched the taperof the rear section to it, also had issues with the travel of theswing arm and making sure my tire was not going to destroy it if I hita pot hole. Made the back rest, head light mount, bars, windscreen...the front end took me forever. I did the motor and a bunchmore crap, that's about the last 6 months in a nut shell.See you at the show. Tyler L

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