August 3, 2012

BF 4 Builder Post

I am going to try and do a follow up post on all the builders of BF4. Steve Buchanan is the first:: Steve's 57 Panhead ( Green) was one of the first bikes I saw that really made me want to get a chopper. It's hard to believe he wanted to re do such a cool bike but he did.He took it apart about 4 or 5 years ago and re made the entire bike. He told me at BF 3 that the show motivated him and he would get it done for BF 4 if we did it again....we did and he delivered! The bike is incredible,it's loaded with killer parts and high quality work.The paint was actually done about 4 years ago by John Edwards and really made the bike stand out !! ...Great work Steve..thank you for being apart of the show.