December 16, 2012

Show Class People Champ ( Builder)

The Show Class People's Champ / Born-Free Builder promo is underway and the guys have narrowed it down to these dudes  :  :                               
Alex Pedroso

Bobby Good Times

Brandon Couturier

Brian Durk

Chris Collins

Cody Guthrie

Colby Lowry

Damion Saunders

Dave O Turner

Eric Allard
Jake Cutler

Jason Roche

Jordan Dickinson

Kyle Sonneborn

Marcus Ellis

Matt Whitlock

Mike Pilaczynski

Pete Mason

Rhett Holley

RJ McRae

Ryan Grossman

Shane Clarke

Shawn Long

Spencer Getty

Travis McLelland

Wesley Hoke          
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Check out the Show Class Site for the details...

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