January 22, 2013

Born-Free 5 Invited Builder Bikes

We have some great guys this year and here's what they are building:: 
Alan Richards(Pre Unit Triumph)
Andy Carter*('52 Panhead)
Big Scott Stopnik*('46 Knucklehead)
Bill Mize*('48 Panhead)
Brandon Holstein(Brawny Sportster)
Caleb Owens*('49 Panhead)
Chopper Dave*(Sportster Street Tracker)
Dave Barker*('50 Panhead)
Dave Polgreen*('37 UL)
Domenic M.*('49 Panhead)
Dylan M.('66 Shovelhead)
Jasin Phares ('55 Panhead)
Jason Sheets*('31 VL)
Jeff Leighton ('FK Panhead)
Jeremiah Armenta ('48 UL)
Joey Cano*('47 Knucklehead)
Josh Conley*('47 Knucklehead)
Kevin Baas*('52 Panhead)
Kiyo*(CB 750)
Kouske* ('49 Panhead)
Larry Pierce ('47 Knucklehead)
Len Higa ( ?)
Matt Olsen ('23 HD)
Mattias LeBeef ('60Panhead)
Max Schaaf*('67 Shovelhead)
Michael Barragan (?)
Scott T-Bone Jones ('52 Panhead)
Todd Asin*('54 PreUnit Triumph)
Atomic Trent (Gen Shovelhead)
Yaniv Evans('47 Knucklehead)
Wink Eller( Winks's American Flyer)
If they have a * next to there name they have committed to the bike promo and you can win their bike at the shOW !!!


  1. Can't wait to see all the folks and sweet scoots. Stoked!

  2. Ditto To what Caleb said, going to be some amazing bikes!

  3. Can't wait to ride out there and win a bike! Trip of a lifetime!

  4. Some heavy duty stuff going down.

    1. Badass sounds like a amazing line up can't wait