March 19, 2013

Invited Builder-Wink Eller

We are very pleased to bring you our FIRST Born-Free 5 Invited Builder video! We're running considerably behind on the videos, but we hope to start rolling all the new ones out from here on. This one is on a true legend of motorcycling, Wink Eller. If you don't know who he is, just google his name...he's set countless records for land speed racing, broke more bones than Evil Kinevil in one crash, but Wink is one of the most positive inspiring people out there! We are proud to have him involved in Born-Free 5 and in fact he's such an over achiever that he's already done with his scratch built 250 horsepower over-sized Schwinn bike! Please enjoy and please feel free to repost!


  1. Awesome!!! Love the story of his trip to Cali. Good shit! Can't wait to meet him and see his bike!

  2. that is great!!
    hillybilly credit card. ha
    11 pairs of sox!!