April 18, 2013

BF 5 Builder Update Domenic Mingiruli

This year we have some great builders...also a big variety from all walks of life.We have Masa from Japan, Mattias from Sweden a family thing with the Stopniks and a very unique father ( Domenic) & son(Dylan)dynamic duo. Domenic has motorcycles in his blood, his father( Papa Joe) built well over 300 motorcycles before he left this earth and passed down a wealth of knowledge & passion to him and his grandson Dylan. We will have a builder intro & update on Dylan soon.Domenic has built  several awesome bikes over the years( a killer HD golf cart too) and is always willing to teach & share his skills to those seeking help. He is a great guy,with great hair and he smells fantasic. Domenic also won best in show at award Born-Free 2 with his Shovelhead. This year he is building a Panhead chopper & here is a pic of his progress. Video is coming soon.  Dom is also part of the BF 5 Giveaway promo so you could own his bike.


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