May 23, 2013

Max Schaaf BF 5 Builder

Max is back for BF 5...He has built a insane bike every year for the show and always delivers.Every bike I have seen built by Max is something I would love to own...probably like most you too.He has his own unique style with his paintwork & what he builds it's always different & always cool!! He has also built an incredible fan base over the years who digs what he does and that's a very hard thing to do!! We are very pleased he's back with us for BF5 . This year Max has agreed just like the other 17 builders that are involved in the Giveaway Promo to build a killer bike and then give one of you the opportunity to take it home at the end of the show.This is a chance of a lifetime and may never happen again.Is 25.00( You are buying a poster w/ Free ticket) too much money for the chance to win Max's build or 17 other highly talented dudes? Think about it and if you think it's worth a shot CLICK HERE   and get some...


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