June 12, 2013

Atten Vendors Important Please Read

You may or may not know that we are sold out for Vendor Spaces, but we are and have no more room. We having been selling spaces since November and have reached capacity. Next thing you need to know if you have purchased a vendor space is the vendor agreement form must be signed and returned before you are offically on the vendor map. If you have not received one or did not fill it out and send it back please do so asap. Set up info is on the vendor agreement form but here it is again: Friday June 28th 8am to 5pm. At 6 pm the gates will be locked for the evening and the overnight security will take over. No one will be able to get in.
If you are not in and set up by 5 pm you will need to set up on Saturday June 29th( Show Day) between 5:30 am and 8 :30. All vehicles must move in quickly, unload and move out. We have a vendor lot for parking very close to your vending spaces.
On Saturday( Show Day) all vehicles must be off the show grounds by 8:30 am! This is a must..No exceptions. We really need your help on the set up and make this as painless as possible so thank you in advance.  From this point on Grant is handling the vendors and the vendor map ( which will be given to you when you set up)If you have any questions please email Grant ... grant@bornfreeshow.com  PLEASE REMEMBER NO PETS OF ANY KIND.

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