June 27, 2013

BF 5 Only 2 Days Away....

It's finally here BF5! Almost a years worth of planning and work is just 2 days away. The weather will be warm...get some California Sun!! This will be the final post until after the show so please remember:: NO PETS OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED. NO COOLERS WILL BE ALLOWED IN. NO CLUB COLORS PLEASE. LOOK FOR THE SIGNS TO DIRECT YOU TO CAR PARKING AND BIKE ENTRY.  PLEASE RIDE SLOW ENTERING THE EVENT and LASTLY PLEASE RESPECT THE  EVENT SITE, WE TREAT IT LIKE IT'S OUR OWN HOME...PLEASE DO THE SAME. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION AND MAKING OUR JOBS JUST A LITTLE EASIER. SEE YOU SATURDAY The show is FREE to ride into. You can register your bike at the Born-Free booth once you're in. The show is mainly about old motorcycles of all kind, but everything is welcome. We'll have limited parking for those of you riding in on new stuff.  See you Saturday!


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  1. Any chance of getting tickets? Or will there be tickets sold at the event?