June 25, 2013

Born-Free Awards

This year as in years past we will be handing out several awards from best Japanese to Best Modern. The awards are open to everyone( not just invited builders). We will have a table next to the Born-Free booth with bike tags...fill one out put it on your bike and you are eligible to win...

it's that simple. Our friend and sponsor since the beginning Greasy Kulture magazine has a very special award that will be handed out in the Best Traditional Modified Motorcycle : Guy Writes:
Mike, here are some snaps of the trophy. It's a miniature workshop, all hand made by Rich 'Dr Sprocket' Ostrander.
I have been extremely proud to have been a sponsor and part of the Born Free phenomenon from day one: it exactly reflects the kind of machines I love and have been showcasing with the GKM website – then the magazine – since 1999.
Dr Sprocket is our regular columnist and has been building and riding choppers and bobbers in California since the 1960s; I'm constantly amazed by his stories, knowledge and talent and this trophy is just one aspect of his fabricating skill. He will choose a bike at the show that best reflects the magazine's content... 'best traditional modified motorcycle'. And I can't think of anyone better qualified to make that choice!
Wish I could be there. Have a blast.

Cheers mate,


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